Wedding Tip Wednesday | Winter Engagement Sessions

Working with a Winter Engagement Sessions

Shooting an engagement session in the winter can be a bit of a tricky affair.  Light can vanish in an instant.  Snot flurrys and bitter cold can make a shoot less then ideal.  But don’t let that disuade you from scheduling an engagement session in a winter month.

Outdoor engagement sessions in the winter can provide you with some fantastic images, all it takes is a little patience and a little adventure.

Here are a few quick tips to make the most of your time outdoors.

-Don’t shy away from the elements or the season. 

Embrace the conditions at hand.  Have fun, play in the snow.   Winter is a great time of yet, so enjoy it and make the most of the snow or holiday settings.  Between Thanksgiving and new years many downtown areas will decorate for the holidays.  Make the most of it!

-We’ll do the heavy lifting, your job is to stay pretty!

Unless we’re shooting in the great wide open, you are perfectly welcome to stay in your nice warm vehicle while we set up to shoot.  Stay warm and out of the elements and we’ll be more then happy to make certain we’re ready to go so you can minimize your time in the elements and stay pretty while we work.

Location, Location, Location

Some things change in the winter, and some locations happen spontaneously.

Ducking into a sheltered area, like this bus stop, gives us an interesting location shot, while making use of the winter background.  Thankfully, it was a heated stop, which enabled our clients to stay warm while making the most of an otherwise chilly day.

Some locations that may have worked in the summer may not work in the winter.  As a rule of thumb if there’s a location you would like to use, just drop us a line and we’ll scout well ahead of time to make certain that the location you want to use is useable for the winter shoot.

Nothing ruins a moment more then discovering the perfect spot in the park has been closed off for three months and is covered under three feet of snow.  We’ll make certain you’re taken care of!

Be Flexable, and Everything Will Turn Out Right!

Some times even the best laid plans can get thrown for a loop.  Even with scouting, some locations may not be available.  We may be hit with a winter storm that closes down a town center.

A location may be holding a special event that we were unaware of, or some emergancy may happen that causes the best laid plans to quickly unravel.


We have extensive experience dealing with the “weird stuff”, it’s not an issue.  And if, for some reason we’re unable to get the shot you were hoping for, we are always happy to schedule a re-shoot at absolutely no charge!    We rest unless you are absolutely thrilled with your images.  If it takes more then one shoot, we’re more then happy to make certain you get exactly what you want from your engagement shoot.