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  • Tara | Fargo Senior Photography

  • Tata is an upcoming senior at Fargo South High School. I had met her during one of our many theatrical shoots that we've done for the South Theater program. She brought a very elegant wardrobe to the shoot, and was fantastic to work with!
  • Ryan | Fargo Senior Photography

  • Ryan was referred to me by a classmate of his from Fergus Falls.  His mother contacted me a week before his yearbook deadline...and thankfully we were able to accomidate him. Ryan is a downhill skier, and rollerblader, and brought with him a rather limited, but functional wardrobe.  We st[...]
  • Allison | Fargo Senior Photography

  • Allison was a fantastic senior to work with, and my first senior of the 2012 season.  We spent most of our time downtown, working with the unique Chicago style brick  buildings that give Fargo such unique character and charm. It was a fantastic day to shoot.  A bit on the warm side, but a bea[...]
  • Tully | Senior Photography

  • Tully is what I would call a neo-classical rock star.  Dylan, The Kinks...these are her inspirations.  We shot downtown, and tried to invoke both a bit of classical 70's rock stars, and a little bit classic Hollywood with my main inspiration being the classic photography of James Dean as pho[...]