Amy & Craig | February 16, 2008

Craig and Amy Wedding Photography Fargo

I waited a good week to write this one, because when you shoot a wedding, the perception of a situation becomes grossly distorted from it’s reality.

For instance, I though I had completly bungled the shoot.

I’m a pro, I can admit that I had a bad day, and after all that’s what this blog is for. I want my clients to understand my approach. And bad days are better judges of character then good days.

At the time, I thought I COMPLETLY bungled the wedding. There were a number of distractions during the day which were really fraying my nerves.

1. My car was giving me issues. We had gotten freezing rain the night before, and for some odd reason, my car door WOULD NOT STAY closed. So I had to drive to the locations HOLDING it shut myself.

Which is not good. Not good at all.

2. I tore my pants while I was shooting Amy getting ready. So I’m worrying about weither or not everyone can see my underware the ENTIRE FRIGGING DAY.

Not good.

3. Due to the cold temperatures, the batteries in my lighting gear was going all wonky, and my flashes themselves were taking longer to warm up then I was expecting.

4. Schedule changes happened, which caused things to once again get wonky.

So I thought the day was a wash, I was worried I had disappointed clients, and I was NOT having a good day.

And you know what, things went fine.

Things went fine.  Craig and Amy had a beautiful day, and most of all we got some truely great shots that captured a wonderfully beautiful day…without any of the baggage.